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Services Offered

Broadcast Equipments and Services Solutions
Short Wave & Medium Wave Radio Transmission
Digital TV & FM Transmission Solutions
TV & Radio Production Systems
SATCOM Solutions
Media Asset Management & Digital Archiving
OB Van & DSNG Solutions
Satellite UPLINKS and TVRO’s
IT Networks (Production) & IT Services


Your Broadcast Solution Services Partner

    • We support our customer to achieve their project on a given allocated budget and requirements

    • Offers a wide range of AM-MW-FM radio transmitters , studio and TV equipments including Telecommunication Systems

    • Offer equipment supply, exciters, amplifiers, radio links, filters, peripherals, stabilizer, transmitting antennas for any power needs.

    • Systems Integration and Turnkey Projects, Solutions Radio and TV Broadcast services

    • Technical Consultancy, On-Site Services and Technical Manpower Outsourcing

    • IT Services

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